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LAST CHANCE! The 2017 & 2018 School Visit Packet is available here. Booking window closes 9/30/17!

Download it here now.school_visit_dancingI promise we’ll have fun if you invite me to your school! But you don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s what kids have said:

“Excellent, awesome, amazing, terrific, and stupendous are things that describe you and the powerpoint you shared.” —Ryan

“It was very fascinating to see a variety of different styles of writing, not just one book. The tips you gave us about writing were extremely helpful.” —Amanda

“I was so excited to tell my mom that I was going to meet a REAL famous person.” —Blake

“I thank you for helping my friend and I out by telling us about how most authors get rejected. We are now a lot more determined. . .” —Emma

I wish you can stay for a longer time!” —Jake

Teachers seem to like my presentations, too. Here’s what a few of them have said:

”My students were completely enthralled with Miranda Paul’s presentation. She held them spellbound with her enthusiasm and sharing of the variety of writing outlets that are available to them as writers. I heard multiple comments from students who were anxious to start on their own writing careers, and it wasn’t uncommon to have several students say, ‘I can’t wait to start writing!’  She was fun to listen to and obviously loves what she does.”  —Joan Gilbert, Valley View Elementary School, WI

“You have a talent for engaging people’s attention and interest…They have a much broader understanding and respect for a place they’ve never been and people they’ve never met, thanks to your stories and inspiring words.”  —Debbie Gilligan, Chesapeake Public Charter School, MD

Here’s a link to my school visit packet that you can share with your principal or teacher:


I also speak at workshops, conferences, or charitable events. Feel free to contact me for more info!

Has your school or library already booked a visit?
Here are additional resources to help you prepare.

Click to download this PDF poster template for advertising and promoting your upcoming visit with Miranda Paul!


Need this poster as a WORD document file? Click HERE.

Click to download an order form template for taking book orders in advance. (That way, Miranda can sign them on the day of the visit!)

Need this order form as a Word doc file? Click HERE.

Don’t forget to read this info sheet first, which will help you determine how to fill in the price and “checks payable to” lines before making photocopies.

If you have already booked a visit and are deciding how to structure the visits, or how to go about getting books pre-ordered, please read this school visit information sheet.


For teachers looking to prep students on Miranda’s biographical information, don’t forget to check out the “about” page as well as the “fun facts” page. This information is also helpful if you have students who are doing a report on Miranda Paul. Book cover images and author photos are available for download on the press kit page.