11 fun facts about miranda

11 Fun Facts About Miranda Paul

  1. I have super-large tonsils, and got Strep throat so often as a child that the doctor told me I’d have to get them removed if I contracted Strep once more. I never got it again after that!
  2. My favorite color is blue.
  3. If you search YouTube, you’ll find a video of me reading a poem while sitting in a live crocodile pit.
  4. I have a cat named Dog.
  5. I once owned a pair of skinks as pets. (Yes, skinks, not skunks.)
  6. My husband and I love fixing or repurposing items other people don’t want. We’ve gotten a free 50” TV and once made over $1,000 selling stuff people threw out.
  7. My favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip.
  8. When I lived in the Gambia, I learned to speak some Mandinka and Wolof. My husband and his family speak Creole (patois). My kids have gone to a school where they took Spanish every day. Our family has taken in nine exchange students. Our house is full of languages!
  9. My penmanship can be very neat, but my office can be very messy…
  10. If I’m wearing socks, they probably have holes.
  11. My old studio/office was called my secret Underground Lair, and it really was underground (in a walled-off corner of my basement). Mwah, ha, ha, ha! Now I write in one of two “birding” rooms where there are cardinals, bluejays, red-bellied woodpeckers, and house finches watching me work!