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More photos and videos to come! Check out the videos below, or subscribe to Miranda Paul on YouTube.

NEW VIDEO! Who is Farmer Tantoh? Meet this grassroots environmentalist, the subject of Miranda & Baptiste Paul’s forthcoming book called I AM FARMER.

Want to learn more about REAL blobfishes? Check out this SciShow kids 3-minute video.

Watch the official trailer for Miranda’s book, WHOSE HANDS ARE THESE?

“Whose Hands Are These?” book trailer from Luciana Powell on Vimeo.

This is the music video for the Water is Water song.

Watch how One Plastic Bag inspired these girls to raise money, donate a goat, and help change the world in a small way.

Respect the Hustle! Check out this video from OkayAfrica featuring environmental hero Isatou Ceesay.

This is the book trailer for the book, One Plastic Bag.

In the video below, author Miranda Paul reads poetry in a live crocodile pit!

View a quick slideshow of photos from the book tour.