I Am Farmer

A Junior Library Guild Selection for Spring 2019!

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I Am Farmer: Growing an Environmental Movement in Cameroon
By Miranda Paul, Baptiste Paul, illus. Elizabeth Zunon
Millbrook Press (Lerner Publishing Group)
ISBN: 9781512449143
32pp, full color
Publication Date: February 5, 2019
List Price: 19.99

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I am Farmer is the tentative title for my upcoming book co-written with Baptiste Paul and illustrated by Elizabeth Zunon. It tells the story of Farmer Tantoh, a grassroots environmentalist from Cameroon, Africa. His work has led to the development of over 800 gardens, clean water for tens of thousands of people, and a movement toward sustainable and organic farming in his home country.

Please stay tuned to this page, as Farmer Tantoh will be joining us in spring 2019 for a US Tour. We’ll be visiting churches, schools, and bookstores across the country. I wish all of you the opportunity to get to hear Tantoh speak and take action to partner with his organization their┬ámission is changing many lives. If you want your city included on the tour, you can inquire about booking an event with Judy Cooper at bookthepauls@gmail.com. We expect the tour to be completely booked by or shortly after September 30, 2018. Inquire now!

COVER REVEAL! Click the image or the link here to read the full post, including thoughts from Elizabeth Zunon, the book’s illustrator.

Here is the Publisher’s Weekly announcement (Children’s Bookshelf):

For more information about Baptiste Paul, visit baptistepaul.com

For more information about Elizabeth Zunon, visit Lizzunon.com

For more information about or to donate to the Save Your Future Association, founded by Farmer Tantoh Nforba, visit www.syfaglobal.org or www.syfa-usa.org.