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I love teachers! (And not just because I used to be one.)

This is the page for teacher guides and resources for homeschooling parents as well as librarians and other educators. Most of the resources directly correspond to my books, with content in literacy, science, math, and social studies.

One_Plastic_Bag_Cover_Miranda_PaulTeacher Resources for One Plastic Bag
The resources for One Plastic Bag are available on the site (click “Worksheets & Guides for Teachers”). These resources include a powerpoint about the Gambia, worksheets on the Wolof language and counting/math, a word search, a recycled jump rope activity, videos and photos, and more. The resources are mostly geared for students in grades 1-4.

water_is_water_final_coverTeacher Resources for Water is Water

  • The Classroom Bookshelf – Lessons on written responses, visual narratives, finding rhymes, the hydrologic cycle, drama, and more are available for grades PreK-5.
  • Sally’s Bookshelf – Questions and Water Mapping activity for kids / STEM Friday
  • USGS Water Cycle for Schools – Images, data, files for printing and an interactive water cycle diagram. Available in more than 20 languages!
  • Water is Water Song & Motions Guide – Get your students moving around just like water with this song and video from Emily Arrow, produced by Nick Goldston.


Teacher Resources for Whose Hands Are These?

  • Word work and vocabulary building, analyzing, writing, speaking and a mapmaking activity suggestions from the wonderful Beth Anderson. (PreK – Grade 2)
  • What Could Your Hands Do? A worksheet that encourages young learners to trace their hand and write all of the ways they could help others, or the careers and occupations they might have one day when they become a grown-up community helper! (Grades PreK-2).
  • Write Your Own Riddle – a worksheet to guide students into writing their own riddle poem in the style of the book! (Grades 2-5).

rp_Trainbots_cover_final_lores-300x231-1-300x231.jpgTeacher Resources for Trainbots

Foodbot activity guide – make sweet or healthy edible robots. Skills: creativity, gross and fine motor skills. Great for homeschool parents, teachers, and day care providers. Photos and guide posted on Penny Klosterman’s blog.

Trainbots vocabulary guide – coming soon! Ages 5-10.

Teacher Resources for Blobfish Throws A Party (NEW!)

Blobfish Coloring Sheet – color the heroic main character however you wish! (All ages)

Fluffy slime recipe – make a batch of blobby slime that’s a similar color and texture to a real blobfish! (Ages 5+ or with adult supervision)

Blobfish Video – This SciShow Kids episode explains why the blobfish’s blobby shape actually helps it survive! Learn more about the “World’s Ugliest Animal” in this kid-friendly 3-minute video.


School Visits with author Miranda Paul
Whenever I visit schools, conferences, or book festivals I try to customize my presentation to maximize both the fun and learning elements. I have an informative presentation for teachers on Using Picture Books for Older Readers (linked to Common Core State Standards) and an interactive program for kids about the Gambia, folk tales, and making a difference in our world through books and beyond. Feel free to check out my school visits page  for info.