10 Little Ninjas

The countdown begins...From Publisher’s Weekly:

“Karen Greenberg and Melanie Cecka at Knopf have acquired Miranda Paul’s 10 Little Ninjas, a “sensei-tional” picture book twist on a childhood rhyme, in which a group of not-so-sleepy ninja toddlers devise ways to sneak, creep, and tumble their way out of going to bed. It’s planned for spring 2016; Karen Grencik at Red Fox Literary brokered the deal for world rights.”

UPDATE! The book is now available at a book or library near you! You can now add the book to your Goodreads to-read shelf or order the book from Boswell Book Company, The Reader’s Loft, IndieBound or Amazon.

Milwaukee-area friends, contact Boswell Book Company for autographed copies or to book an in-person visit with author Miranda Paul!boswelllogo

Stop by the Ninja Launch Party on September 10th in Green Bay, WI!