Mia Moves Out

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This book gives readers “the pleasure of seeing adoptee characters confidently negotiating a sense of home and belonging. Move this picture book onto the shelf.” —Kirkus Review of Mia Moves Out

“All-in-all, a great sibling story, filled with heart, humor, drama, and a happy ending.” —Goodreads Community Review of Mia Moves Out

Mia Moves Out is sweet sibling story about one fed-up big sister who wants to find a space of her own.

Mia loved her big, bright room . . . until she had to share it with her new brother. With Brandon’s toys, books, and even underwear taking up space, Mia has finally had it. “I’m moving out!” There are lots of new and interesting spaces she could settle into—the bathroom, the basement, even a pillow fort. But something is always missing. What could it be? Tackling the oh-so-relatable topic of finding a space of one’s own, Mia will inspire siblings everywhere to work together as a team. Because sometimes the best place of all is a shared one.

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Title: Mia Moves Out
Target ages: 3-7
Illustrator: Paige Keiser
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers (an imprint of Penguin Random House)
ISBN-13 (Trade): 978-0-399-55332-5
Release date: October 16, 2018

Synopsis: An girl gets adopted, then gets a new brother. Laugh a little and warm your heart as Mia navigates finding where she belongs—literally and figuratively—within her new home.