Adventures to School

The informational book Adventures to School has arrived!

Kids around the world get to school in unique ways.
Take a peek inside this book and see how they reach their destinations!

Children all around the world go to school. Whether they’re from Japan, Ukraine, Ethiopia, or the United States, all students have the desire to learn about the world and shape the future. In Bhutan, children walk for three hours to make it to school, and in Pakistan, children travel by rickshaw. Some children in China must climb a heaven ladder, while children in Nepal must walk over a wire bridge. The treks of these students are unique, extraordinary, and even dangerous, and they signify the common determination, perseverance, and sense of adventure shared by young people around the world.

Read along as students from thirteen different nations embark on their journeys to get to school in the morning, and learn about the diverse landscapes and cultures of these countries along the way!

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Release Date: May 1, 2018
Co-Authors: Miranda Paul and Baptiste Paul
Illustrator: Isabel Muñoz
Publisher: little bee books (a division of Bonnier, dist. by Simon & Schuster in the US)
ISBN-13: ISBN 978-1499806656
Price: $17.99
Synopsis: Follow thirteen students who face extraordinary situations as they embark on their journeys to get to school—and learn about the diverse landscapes and cultures of their countries along the way.