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Rhyme Revolution Writing Conference – New Harmony, IN

The Rhyme Revolution Weekend is marching into New Harmony, Indiana October 25th – 28th, 2018! This picture book writing retreat conference is geared for children’s writers who want to publish picture books in rhyme. Click here for the official conference website.

Theme: Revolt, Rules and Rewards.  This beloved genre (the rhyming picture book), when done professionally, is tough to write and often tough to sell. Our amazing faculty will share personal tips and insight on how rhyme sells when done to perfection.

Rules ~ Picture book rules first

Reject ~ Don’t follow the rhyme…it will lead you astray

Revolt ~ The story and meter MUST be perfection!

Rewards ~ The heart of the story brings them back!

Most rhyming manuscripts that editors receive are really, REALLY bad! That’s why rhyming is discouraged. Frequently authors focus on the rhyme rather than the story.  Often they don’t apply meter and poetic techniques with the rigor needed to polish their manuscripts to their full “rhyming shine” potential.  Learn how to write professional rhyme that revolutionizes the way RPBs are perceived and celebrated!

Four awesome picture book authors will be on the faculty, along with an editor and an agent!

Author Lisa Wheeler

Author Miranda Paul

Author Jill Esbaum

Author Lori Mortensen

Editor Emma Ledbetter with Antheneum/Simon and Schuster

Agent – Adria Goetz with Martin Literary Management

New Harmony Atheneum Visitors Center

This intimate setting provides a day of learning, sharing and schmoozing. Meet an editor and an agent and submit a rhyming picture book manuscript to them following the conference.